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Secure File Submission


You can use this page to send us files in a secure (encrypted) way. Please use the interface below to select and upload the files.

Only files with extensions .vpf, .CRP or .zip will be uploaded! Files with any other extensions will be automatically discarded!

Use the Add Files button to add up to 128 files. Then use the Start Upload button to start the upload.
You can use the Stop Upload button to stop the process, or you can use the icon next to the file size to delete a file before it is uploaded or to cancel its upload once it has started.

Once the upload has started, please wait until all the files are uploaded (the Upload Status turns to Finished) before closing or navigating away from this page.
Note that depending on the load on our servers, the upload process might be paused every once in a while.

For your convenience, we have created a small program to collect the CAPS® .vpf files from you computer and package them in a single submission file.
The program requires no installation. You can download it by clicking here.
Depending on your browser, you might need to save it on your computer before running it.
You can also save it to a removable disk or a USB jump drive/memory stick to run it on several computers or on computers that you used to perform CAPS® tests that are not connected to the internet.

Thank You!

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Please update your browser or install Adobe Flash. Or contact us for further assistance.

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